Compliance Self-Assessment Guide (September 2009PDF download image

To assist PSOs in making the required attestations and preparing for a compliance review, AHRQ has developed this Guide to suggest approaches for thinking systematically about the scope of the requirements of the Patient Safety Act and Rule, and what compliance may mean for an individual PSO. The Guide provides sample questions that a PSO may want to consider in addressing each of the requirements.

Guides for PSOs and Providers for Determining Parent Organization and Affiliated Providers  (June 2016PDF download image

This Guide addresses how the Patient Safety Rule determines a parent organization of a PSO or a provider, and how the Patient Safety Rule determines an "affiliated provider."  The terms “parent” and “component”, which are used in the Rule, differ from traditional legal interpretation. The Guide explains how to apply these concepts to more complex organizational and corporate structures.

PSO Policies and Procedures – Topics to Address (Revised April 2019) PDF download image

This document provides entities with topics to consider when developing their Policies and Procedures.

What is the Role of the PSO Authorized Official (June 2017)  PDF download image

This Guide addresses the role of the PSO Authorized Official.